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Project Concept Report
The PCR provides stakeholders with a clear understanding of the project's objectives, scope, and feasibility.
New Factory Project Feasibility
The New Factory Project Feasibility assessment is a comprehensive analysis that considers various factor determining success of new factory.
Factory Expansion Project Feasibility
Conducting a Factory Expansion Project Feasibility assessment in turnkey solutions is crucial ensuring success of project
Factory Upgradation Project Feasibility
Factory Upgradation Project Feasibility refers to the evaluation and assessment of the viability & practicality to upgrade existing factory.
Specific Problem-Solution Feasibility
Conducting a Specific problem-solution feasibility assessment, organization determines the practicality to address problem by implementation
Basic Design
The Project Design Basis serves as a reference document that provides a clear understanding of the project's objectives & requirements.
Process Block Diagram
The Process Block Diagram helps stakeholders identify process flow, major units, interconnections, and overall process structure.
Manufacturing Flowsheet
Manufacturing flowsheet helps in communication, collaboration, and decision-making throughout the manufacturing stage of turnkey projects.
The Masterplan guides project implementation, facilitates decision-making, and increases the likelihood of project success.
Plant Layout and Elevation
Plant layout & Elevation helps to optimize the manufacturing process, ensure a safe environment, and blueprint to setup of the facility.
Hygienic Zoning and HVAC Layout
HVAC zoning and layouts are essential for various industries that prioritize hygiene, air quality, and controlled environments.
Man-Material Movement Layout
Man-material movement layout helps in personnel and materials, facilitates smooth operations, and contributes to success of project.
Emergency Evacuation Layout
The Emergency Evacuation Layout is a critical component, as it prioritizes the safety and well-being of individuals within the facility.
Drainage and Sewage Layout
The requirement of a well-designed Drainage and Sewage Layout solution is crucial for sewage layout, well-designed and stormwater drainage.
Process Drawings and Specifications
Process drawings and specification serve as a crucial reference for project execution, commissioning, and ongoing operation and maintenance.
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