Design of New Food Factories
We take care of all aspects of factory design in one place, including Process, Building and Civil, Utilities, Electrical and Automation, Quality Assurance, and others. Our design meets global standards on food safety and hygienic engineering. We can build new factories from ground to the best standards. Build a food factory to be proud of
  • Every expenditure to achieve business goals
  • Meet and exceed current benchmarks
  • Sustainable and low-maintenance infrastructure
  • Expansion of Existing Factory
    Our expertise can maximize the value creation from the invested capital. We can add value in all stages of a basic project design, detail design, project execution, and project commissioning. We focus on detailed design and work towards first-time quality (zero rework) by verifying of deliverables of project suppliers, service providers, and other consultants to incorporate best practices and avoid mistakes.
  • Expert validation of all design and project plans
  • Focus investment on the most important concerns
  • Achieve more with your investment and team
  • Factory Upgradation
    Upgrading existing factories to comply with the requirements of Food Safety standards, Institutional/ MNC customers, and others. We begin with a factory infrastructure audit to identify gaps, followed by engineering to develop solutions, procurement support to onboard the right vendors, and site supervision to ensure first-time-right implementation.
  • Get business from MNCs and bulk buyers
  • Build safe food brands which people can trust
  • Create a company-wide food safety culture
  • Key Clients
    Industry-wide Experience and Delivery
    Unbiased Engineering in the Best Interests of our Clients
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    Happy Customers
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    The Indian Company meeting Global Standards and delivering End-to-End Engineering Design & Construction Management in Food & Beverage Industry.
    What does PMG stand for?
    PMG stands for Project Management Group. The organization's purpose is to provide single window solution for all Engineering requirements to setup, expand or upgrade Food Factories.
    Does PMG work like a Consultant?
    Consultancy is about sharing ideas, possibly great ideas. Just ideas are no good, right? Implementation is key. Engineering is about realizing on the ground what is necessary, useful, and optimal for your business and also avoiding what is fancy, useless and unviable for your business.
    Why I need Engineering?
    Engineering is not something optional but essential to the design and construction of a food factory or for that matter everything. The real question isn't, do I need Engineering? Rather, am I ready to risk all of my investment just to save the cost of Engineering? Engineering is the difference between Chaos and Excellence.
    Why I need a Team of Engineers?
    A food industry project is a massive undertaking and requires Engineering expertise from many domains, e.g. Process, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Quality, Safety, and others. No matter how good, one person cannot be a know-it-all or do-it-all. A good engineering team will save you massive amounts of time by knowing what they are doing, doing it the first time right, and taking responsibility.
    What are the key capabilities of PMG?
    To build World-class Food Factories. We are experts in all engineering domains related to the food industry, including Food Processing, Building and Civil, Industrial Services, Electrical and Power, Instrumentation and Automation, Quality Assurance and Control, Safety in design and construction, Drafting, Modelling, and Design and Project Management including monitoring, reporting, billing, verification, audits, etc. We have systematic offerings for each stage of a food factory project, including Basic Design, Detail Design, Project Execution, and Commissioning.