Why Engineering and not Consultancy
Why Engineering and not Consultancy

You have to design and build your Food Factory for the future, which means not only it qualifies as a best-in-class factory today but also a decade or two in the future. You want to build a food factory complying with global standards on food safety and hygienic engineering. And possibly, you have tried to do this by engaging consultants in the past. But I guess, you were mostly left unsatisfied and even worried about your investment even with multiple consultants onboard.

Why? Because Consultancy is not Engineering.

Engineering is the end-to-end capability for getting the job done.

Consultancy is about sharing ideas, possibly great ideas. An excellent consultant can give you 100s of great ideas and examples of what can be done, but he or she won't be able to do it for you. Just ideas are no good, right? Implementation is key.

Engineering, on the other hand, is about realizing on the ground what is necessary, useful, and optimal for your business and also avoiding what is fancy, useless and unviable for your business. Engineering is much more than Consultancy, it includes all the design and implementation aspects, to convert ideas into reality.

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