Factory Assessments
Factory Assessments

Factory assessments, also known as factory audits or inspections, are conducted to evaluate the capabilities, performance, and compliance of a manufacturing facility. These assessments aim to assess the factory's ability to meet quality standards, adhere to ethical practices, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Here are the key aspects typically evaluated during factory assessments:

  1. Quality Management Systems
  2. Production Capacity and Capability
  3. Manufacturing Processes and Controls
  4. Product Quality and Testing
  5. Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations
  6. Environmental Compliance
  7. Labor and Social Compliance
  8. Supply Chain and Subcontractor Management

Factory assessments are often conducted by independent third-party organizations, internal auditors, or client representatives. The resultimprovement andents provide valuable information to buyers, brands, or clients to make informed decisions about sourcing from the factory, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring that ethical and quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.


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