Why Integrated Engineering
Why Integrated Engineering

Your factory is a system of many sub-systems. For example, a factory consists of buildings machinery, people, storage areas, etc. Each of these sub-systems is a sum of their own sub-systems.

Now, every system or sub-system will have its own deliverables, e.g., each machine must process food quickly, storage areas must store food in specific quantities, etc. However, the most critical and overall deliverables of your factory are not dependent on any one system or sub-system e.g. production capacity, process efficiency, product quality, food safety, and others. These are what are called Emergent variables of a system.

To predict and deliver these Emergent variables requires significant knowledge, skill, and experience in an integrated manner across the value chain, across each and every aspect of the factory infrastructure.

Hence, even if you have 100 experts, each working on one aspect of your factory infrastructure, such a plan is bound to fail on the key deliverables of your project. Battery limits are the enemies of Ownership, leading to a lack of accountability, and, consequently, poor design and execution of the project.

Hence, good engineering cannot be done in silos, or independently by different experts. Integrated Engineering is absolutely vital for the good design and execution of your project.

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