What is Engineering and its Significance
What is Engineering and its Significance

Engineering includes everything that is required to get the job done. When most people think of Engineering, they think of Engineering Drawings. However, it is not that simple. Engineering Drawing is the language of Engineering, in which Engineers communicate and understand each other.

Engineering begins with a Customer having a need. It then requires significant knowledge, skill, and experience on the part of the Engineers to understand the customer requirements, conceptualize a viable solution, plan everything, and realize the plan through optimal design, procurement, and construction. Engineering effectively converts the need into a physical entity that delivers the need. Generally, the customer's understanding of the need is only like the Tip of an Iceberg. For example, you may want to set up a Potato Chips factory, but would not know much about the frying temperature, pumps, valves, instruments, control, automatic cleaning, and 100s of other things which are critical for the production of quality Potato Chips. Evidently, it is the responsibility of Engineers to deliver what the customer may not even be aware of.

Unlike other industries, in the food industry, the goal is twofold (a) to produce the product, and (b) to produce it safely i.e. without contamination. Now, contamination can come from many sources, both inside the factory e.g. building, machinery, people, etc. and outside the factory e.g. raw materials, pollution, water, etc. Contamination is carried into the food product while being processed, by Carriers like air, people, insects, etc.

What is absolutely clear, is that Sources and Carriers of contamination cannot be eliminated. For example, we cannot eliminate all the machinery and the people, nor we can eliminate all the air in the factory building. Therefore, we must minimize the sources and restrict the carriers to produce safe food. And how do we do that? by Good Engineering.

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