Build food factories the Right way
Build food factories the Right way

The question is, do you want to spend your time and money to build a poorly performing food factory, or do you want to create a new benchmark that gives your business the competitive edge?

Do you want a food factory

- which requires daily firefighting just to operate,

- which is an embarrassment in front of auditors and your customers,

- which produces inconsistent products leading to customer  complaints and business loss,

Or you want a factory that runs systematically, meets global standards, and allows you to focus on growing your business.

Above all, do you want your factory to produce unsafe food products for your consumers? Or you want to proudly produce products that you can serve to your own family.

Isn't this an easy decision to make? But if your factory is not designed and constructed the right way, you will end up precisely in this bad situation. And remember, a food factory is not a website that can be redesigned or upgraded overnight. It is almost impossible to make it right once done wrong.

So what is the right way?

One, Integrated Engineering, meaning all design and execution be it Process, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Quality, Safety, etc. be done in one place by the same team of engineers.

Two, Construction Supervision, meaning project construction and installation works to be supervised by experienced engineers on a daily basis.

Three, Hygienic Engineering, meaning the design and construction of every part of the infrastructure is done complying with food safety and good engineering principles.

We at PMG, take complete ownership, of building your food factory, the right way, from basic design to detail engineering, procurement, and construction, until commissioning and handover to the operations team.

As a manufacturer, your expertise is to produce and sell food products. As an engineering company, our expertise is to design and build food factories. Let us work together to build your world-class food factory.

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